Tuesday, September 8, 2015

There's Some Change's Goin' On!

Republished, and now available at Amazon, and Smashwords. Coming to other retailers soon.
The price on the banner is NOT a sales price, but the everyday price of these books. Check them out!

Both of these series have been repriced along with Rockin' The Boss ($1.99) and Life and Lies ($2.99)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Month - New Beginnings

Hard to believe it's the first of September!

Today marks a new beginning in my writing career.
I just learned last evening that the publisher I've been with for eight of my books has closed it's doors (Secret Cravings Publishing). More about this under "News".

I'm looking at this as an exciting NEW adventure. Be looking for all eight to re-release in the very near future. I'll be updating here and on other social media outlets as I get the rights reverted back to me.

Thanks to all my fans and loyal readers. Let the fun begin!

Monday, August 24, 2015


I am now trying out Wattpad as a extension of my writing.
I started out posting the first chapter of Kilted Cowboys.
Now get ready for Burns Travel Agency!
The first chapter is posted and is guaranteed to grab your attention and leave you wanting more. An adventure, thriller, who-done-it romance all rolled into one!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day in France. What better way to celebrate than with images from Paris!

Have you ever been to Paris or even France? Where's the best place you've been to so far?

Friday, July 3, 2015

It's Release Day - Choice Desires!

Choice Desires is out and now available at Secret Cravings Publishing's web site, Amazon and Barnes & Noble to start.

Buy Links:


Barnes & Noble

Secret Cravings Publishing

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Things Start to Heat Up This Weekend!

Getting closer to release day, and that means release party!

Sunday,  June 28th - Release party for Indulgence: A Million Words of Romance. My time slot is 12 noon (edt) if you'd like to stop by. I'll be posting the link over the next couple of days.

June 30th - Release day for Indulgence anthology. Lots of contests and stuff going on.

July 3rd - Friday - Choice Desires will be released (this is the correct dateThis is the last of the Southern Heat series...at least for now. The Pre-Order links are listed below.

And lastly, I have two giveaways on Goodreads for chances to win signed copies of the first two, Choice Matters and Choice Affairs.

Happy Reading Everyone!


Barnes & Noble

Secret Cravings Publishing

Monday, June 22, 2015

July 1st!!

Release day update!

Choice Desires is now scheduled for release July 1st!! That's two days earlier!
More details and updates coming over the next week and a half!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Choice Desires...Coming In Two Weeks!

Two weeks from today, July 3rd, Choice Desires will be released through Secret Cravings Publishing. It is the third, and for now, final installment of the Southern Heat series.

This book is full of new things...Apolo's senate campaign, projects Caitlyn has been wanting to start. Plus you'll be introduced to someone who steals Apolo's heart...
And of course, Caitlyn's mother, Susan is up to her old tricks...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Exciting New Release From Elodie Parkes - With A Rafflecopter Giveaway!

A Dom for Patti, June 16 release from Evernight Publishing
When a fleeting encounter with a handsome stranger ignites Patti’s repressed loneliness, she has to admit she longs for the love of a sensual Dom.
Luck is on her side when she goes out for the evening, and meets delicious Cameron in The Club—but is he all that he appears to be?
Cameron’s overwhelming attraction to Patti is tested when she inexplicably fails to show up for a date—just what is going on and will they ever get together?
An erotic romance, with Dom/sub and spanking elements—a contemporary, magical love story.

Background to the story
I wrote a story titled Rescuing Cade published by Evernight in February this year. In that story, Patti, the heroine from a Dom for Patti, is introduced to Cade. They are both visiting The Club, a select BDSM club. Cade is kind to Patti, but his heart already belongs to someone else and after only a few minutes he tells Patti he’s leaving. In that few minutes, he kisses Patti and she feels an instant attraction to him. Unfortunately, lonely Patti is destined not to be with Cade.

I liked Patti a lot and I decided to write her story. It’s an erotic romance with a twist. Patti is hoping for love as well as a handsome Dom to fill her lonely life, when she meets hunky Cameron in The Club, she thinks her luck is looking up … let’s hope so.

Excerpt From A Dom For Patti

The darkness soothed Patti. The music lifted her spirits and she smiled at the lovely sight of people enjoying each other. She relaxed in the familiar atmosphere and began to wonder why she’d denied herself this pleasure for so long. Happy now, she wandered along to the bar and ordered coffee.
Patti spent a pleasant ten minutes drinking her coffee and talking with the bartender, before a man and woman she’d seen around The Club in the past arrived at the bar. Patti cast a sidelong glance at them before transferring her scrutiny to watching their touches and kisses through the length of mirror along the back of the bar. They were obviously a couple. More than that, they were obviously in love.
Patti left the sight that reminded her of what she desperately wanted and walked along to the end of the room. She stopped in the gloom there and considered going home. She’d shaken her depression and maybe on her next visit she’d find one of the Masters free.
About to move off, instead, Patti turned abruptly. Someone approached from behind and she was suddenly aware she lurked around in the entrance to the corridor that led to the private rooms.
He was closer than she’d anticipated. A hard muscular chest met her, and as she bumped against the man, his arms enclosed her.
Patti looked up into the face of a man she’d never seen before.
His eyes were dark in the gloom. He’d stopped further into the shadows, but the handsome planes of his face were still obvious. A dimple appeared in his left cheek as he smiled.
“Hey, are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you.” He left his arms around her.
Patti soaked up the contact. She looked at him with interest. “I was deep in thought.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 Evernight Publishing
Find a #NSFW excerpt on Elodie’s blog
Buy the book:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Elodie Parkes
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal, fantasy, or suspense. Her books are always steamy. Her tag is, Cool stories: Hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
She has also released titles as an individual indie author.
Elodie only ever wears boots. (Yes, even in summer) She has three bachelor degrees because she couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted to do, and even then she got two Grad Dips in different subjects, naughty Elodie.
Elodie loves:

Music (her nickname at work is Melody Elodie because she’s often singing), the countryside, the ocean, animals, gorgeous men, technology, art, stockings and garter belts, movies, and potatoes, in any order. Elodie is addicted to black leather jackets, and faded jeans, and owns so many she’s ashamed to count them. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Indulge Yourself!

Indulgence: A Million Words of Romance is now available for pre-sale on Amazon for the low, low price of $1.99 and releases June 30th.

That's over $40.00 worth of ebooks for 1.99!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cover Reveal!

Cover reveal for Choice Desires, the third installment of the Southern Heat series. Releases July 3, 2015!

Politics seem unimportant when Apolo and Caitlyn are hit with an unexpected surprise. Hearts are going to roll when a quiet ginger haired sprite arrives.
And yes, Caitlyn's mother Susan is up to her usual cattiness...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Archangel Excerpt

A short excerpt from Archangel...

I was completely unprepared by the image I saw, doing a double take as I looked closer. So this is Damien's secret new love. Opening the nightstand drawer, I placed the framed photograph inside. Turning around I headed out of the room in search of my husband.

Before I reached the kitchen, I sent a text to my older brother.

Thanks for the use of your place. You left a photo out I didn't think you wanted anyone seeing. It's in the nightstand drawer.

He popped right back with an answer.

Please don't say anything. Will explain later.

I grinned, yeah I can't wait to hear his explanation. For now his secret is safe.

I didn't see a thing, Dame.

I paused at the kitchen door.

Thanks. I owe you.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Book Giveaway!

Through May 17th you have a chance to win one of three autographed copies of Encore! It's all part of the release celebration of book #2 of the Tudor Saga, Archangel!
Check out my Goodreads giveaway (link below)...

Encore! Goodreads Book Giveaway!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Release Day Eve To Me!

In less than 24 hours Archangel will make her debut!
So much to do...so little time...

You can still pre-order at Smashwords!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One Week & Counting!

One week and counting down until the release of Archangel! Lots happening next week! Stay tuned...

Monday, April 20, 2015

New Cover - New Everything

Perpetual Love, the #1 western historical romance, has been re-edited, reformatted and has a brand new cover (thanks to Anya Kelleye Designs). The remaining three books in the series will get the same treatment and will be relaunched throughout the remainder of 2015!

As always available at all fine booksellers!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mary Tudor aka Archangel- Part 2

I recently interviewed Mary Tudor to get a feeling of what it was like to be this phenomenon known as Archangel. This is the second and final part of our interview.

JS:  Favorite classical composer?

MT:  It's a tie between Paganini and Mozart. Mozart because his music always moves me deep inside unlike any other composer. Paganini because he was a bit of a rebel; ahead of his time.

JS: Favorite musical artists of today?

MT:  My brother Amadeus and Daniel.

JS:  If you could go back and time and meet any one person, who would it be and why?

MT: *laughs* This is a trick question, because there are actually three people I'd love to meet - all related. But if you insist on one, Elizabeth I. She was ahead of her time- a leader in a man's world. And she gave her life to her country, sacrificing her personal wants and needs.

JS:  Where does the name Tudor come from? I understand there are no direct Tudor decedents...

MT:  You are correct - there are no direct Tudor . decedents. At least relating to Henry VIII. My family are indirectly related however. Anne Boleyn had a sister, Mary and that is how most families, including mine can claim Tudor blood. That would make Anne an aunt.

JS:  You enjoy genealogy then?

MT:  Yes, I find it fascinating knowing where I came from. I did the DNA swab for both sides of my family. That alone can make it a bit easier when you're researching your family.

JS:  Any other hobbies?

MT:  I like to dabble in painting. By that I mean taking images I've shot and incorporating them into perhaps other's I've taken. It's hard to explain, and I'm still experimenting with it.

JS:  So we might see a showing of your work someday?

MT:  *laughs* Not in this century! Like I said I'm still experimenting with the process. It's nowhere near ready for anyone to see.

JS:  If you could have one wish, what would it be?

MT:  That my father could see me now, meet Daniel.

JS:  One last question...what would you like to see in a third book?

MT:  *grins*  I can't say. I think this one will lead right into it however...

Thank you, Mary.

You can pre-order Archangel from Smashwords. It is set to release on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo)!

Smashwords Pre-Sale Link

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Interview With Archangel aka Mary Tudor

Recently I sat down with Mary Tudor to get a little more insight into the woman known as Archangel.  She requested a list of questions ahead of time.  Two days later I received an email with a list of the questions she would not answer. Anything personal was off limits.  Here is a portion of my interview with her.

JS:  Thank you for this opportunity, Mary. I know you don't give interviews yourself very often, so I was ecstatic when you agreed to meet with me.

MT: I'm happy to do it. You're right, I don't interview often, especially on my own. Usually it's Daniel and me together. So doing it on my own is still a little foreign to me.

JS:  What made you decide to take up photography?  And will you ever go back to just doing it?

MT:  *smiling* I had to make a living somehow. After Julliard I moved to London. Unfortunately I wasn't able to secure a full time job with an orchestra, and as the part time ones began to dwindle, so did my income. I found out it was something I was good at. I've never completely quit doing photography. At the moment I do it for existing clients only. I doubt I'll ever return to doing it as a full time occupation. It's something I enjoy, an outlet away from the music which seems to be the dominating force in my life.

JS:  How did it feel to step out on stage in front of thousands of people as Archangel? 

MT: I'd already been sporadically playing in the clubs in London so I was used to playing in front of an audience.  You can't see the audience when you're on stage. You can hear their applause, which makes all the practicing and planning worthwhile. Very gratifying. 

JS: Does Archangel plan to tour alone at some point?"

MT: At some point, yes. Nothing has been planned outside of recording.

JS:  Favorite city?

MT: Vienna.

JS:  Vienna? Really? Why?

MT: Very old, historical, musical.  I bet you thought I was going to say New York or London.

JS:  You grew up with three brothers, all famous rock stars in their own right. That had to be tough for you. How do they feel about Archangel?

MT:  Yes it was. It wasn't easy being the only girl with an interest in music. The three of them were loud and cocky. Still are. Amadeus and me are the only ones with classical training, which I think gave us an edge. They all support me, and what I'm attempting with Archangel. Amadeus in particular,

JS:  So what's the future hold for Archangel?

MT:  For now I'm comfortable recording, playing clubs here and there. Small venues. It's something I'm growing into, and it can't be rushed. I tried that and quickly learned it's not the way to go.

Come back next week as I continue this one of a kind interview with Mary.

You can pre-order Archangel on Smashwords! Release day:  May 5th

For more information, visit my website!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Performing Arts

May 5th is around the corner, and that means the release of Archangel, the sequel (book 2 of the Tudor Saga series) to Encore!

Mary and Daniel both attended The Julliard School in NYC, or as it is come to be known - Julliard. To start April out, I'm going back to where these two first met - Julliard. The school has some well known alumni - below is a brief history of the school.

Source: The Julliard School

Throughout its history, The Juilliard School has maintained a commitment to providing the highest caliber of artistic and educational experience to exceptionally talented young performing artists from around the world. Juilliard was founded in 1905 as the Institute of Musical Art by Dr. Frank Damrosch, the godson of Franz Liszt and the head of music education for New York City’s public schools. Damrosch was convinced that American musicians should not have to go abroad for advanced study, and created the Institute as an American music academy that would provide an educational experience comparable to that of the established European conservatories. With the initial enrollment figures nearly five times what was expected, the Institute quickly outgrew its original home at Fifth Avenue and 12th Street (seen in photo above) and moved to new quarters near Columbia University in 1910.  
Nine years later, a wealthy textile merchant named Augustus Juilliard died and left in his will the largest single bequest for the advancement of music at that time. The trustees of the bequest founded the Juilliard Graduate School in 1924 to help worthy music students complete their education. In 1926, the Graduate School and the Institute of Musical Art merged to become the Juilliard School of Music under one president, the distinguished Columbia University professor John Erskine. Erskine was succeeded in 1937 by renowned concert pianist and composer Ernest Hutcheson, who served in the position until 1945.
Succeeding Hutcheson in 1945, composer William Schuman expanded Juilliard’s identity as a conservatory devoted exclusively to music study with the establishment of the Dance Division, under the direction of Martha Hill, in 1951. In 1968, during the tenure of Peter Mennin, a Drama Division was created, with John Houseman as its first director and Michel Saint-Denis as consultant. The School changed its name to The Juilliard School to reflect its broader artistic scope, and moved to its current home at Lincoln Center the following year. The first production of the Juilliard Opera Center, Igor Stravinsky’s The Rake’s Progress, celebrated the opening of the Juilliard Theater at Lincoln Center in 1970.

Following Mennin’s death in 1983, Dr. Joseph W. Polisi became the School’s sixth and current President, beginning with the 1984-85 academic year. Major projects that have been realized during his administration include the completion of the Meredith Willson Residence Hall in 1990; significant additions to the curriculum with new programs in jazz studies and historical performance; strengthening the School’s liberal arts program; implementation of numerous educational and community outreach programs; and a major expansion and renovation of Juilliard’s facility, completed in fall 2009.  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Archangel Cover Reveal

Coming May 5th - Archangel, book two of the Tudor Saga books!

Archangel. A musical angel hiding in the dusty,  smoke-filled London clubs, she performs with reckless abandon.  Few know the woman behind the mask she adorns.
Mary Tudor, twin sister to Amadeus Tudor - a well known rock star- has all but given up her up and coming photography business to become the personal photographer, and fiancé to Daniel Kennedy. Daniel, a world renown violinist, is one of the few who knows Mary's secret. Together they scheme to devise a way for her to fulfill a secret dream.

Postponing their wedding until after Daniel's much anticipated European tour, Mary juggles many jobs. One however alludes her every month. Motherhood.

Monday, March 2, 2015

A New Month!

A new week, a new month!

So many things going on in both the book world and in general. Time changes next weekend, spring is just a few weeks away...

The cover to Archangel will be revealed this month as well!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Get It While It's Hot!

For a limited time my Special Box Set is in Kindle Unlimited. All three of the original Tudor saga can be yours, along with the highly acclaimed Encore! That's four books for FREE!! 
Not a member? You can still get all four books for the amazing price of $2.99. A great way to get yourselves ready for the sequel to Encore! - Archangel, due out in May 2015!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Rescuing Cade with Elodie Parkes

Today I have one of my favorite authors, Elodie Parkes with her brand new book, Rescuing Cade...

Rescuing Cade
Cade’s trying to get over a broken heart when his friend Jack takes him off to a nightclub, named only, The Club. Although at first Cade is shocked by the place he meets Marissa. It’s not long before he and Marissa get together, but under the pressure of expectations from, The Club, and Marissa’s fear of commitment, they’re both running in opposite directions.
Gorgeous Cade has touched Marissa’s heart in ways she doesn’t want to admit.
Lovely Marissa has lifted Cade’s sadness and opened his heart to love again.
The trouble is — someone has to give a little. Who’s it going to be?
An erotic romance with a sprinkle of vanilla BDSM

Here are the buy links for Rescuing Cade.

18+Graphic sexual content
The lights were low and Marissa took a seat at an empty table close to the small group of people. Strategically placed, she took in the delicious sight that was Cade, only a yard away now.
Blue eyes, mmm, my favorite. Look at those lips, made for kissing, biting, sucking. She cast her eyes over his ass and thighs. She soaked up the sight of his handsome jaw line and her eyes flicked to his groin, where she assessed the hang of his suit pants and licked her lips at the promise of a big cock. Holy hell, he’s gorgeous. I’d like him on a collar and leash waiting for me to slap his ass and fuck him senseless. I’d like to slip a blindfold on him and run a feather over his cock to see it jerk to life. I’d like to tie him to a chair, suck him almost to orgasm, and then leave him to beg for release. Wonder if he’s dom or sub?
As Marissa considered Cade’s preference, he turned and looked straight into her eyes.
A huge stab of sexual excitement throbbed in her pussy. With her clit buzzing, she leaned a little forward to smile at Cade.
He looked away.
Marissa saw him gaze around the room. She watched as his shoulders slumped.
The room was large and divided by obvious walkways. A small dance floor held writhing couples, dangerously close to each other, some half-naked. Doms occupied the tables with their Subs in various scenes, all taking their pleasure without concern. Other Doms sat in the low leather lounges watching. It was all much the same as usual. One Dom fucked his Sub from behind, one hand fisted in her hair, and the other gripping her jaw turning her face to kiss and bite her lips. A Sub straddled her Dom, her hands held high above her head tied with a satin ribbon, as the Dom took his fill of her breasts.
Marissa heard his growl.
“Don’t you come until I say you may … I want you across the table. You’ll come on my fingers and then my cock. Do you understand? I might have to punish you again.”
The Sub’s whispered answer must have been to his liking. He kissed her tenderly.
Marissa looked away. Her pussy creamed and a sigh of appreciation escaped her. Marissa loved sex. She liked to be in control, although she’d scened with a Master, a friend, when she needed release. Her role in The Club was as a Domme, but she was vanilla, the specialist in helping newcomers. Everything she did, she designed to bring maximum pleasure to her Sub whilst simultaneously taking it herself. She enjoyed the control she wielded. It suited her to be the one with the power, and in her mind, the choice to walk away.
The Club had been open for more than a decade and was considered one of the best in the country. Safety was their priority, that and pleasure. To Marissa’s knowledge, no one left The Club after seeking a niche there and never came back.
Marissa found her gaze straying back to Cade.
He stood awkwardly by the table where Jack finger-fucked his current Sub. She laid back with her legs wide apart, her dress up around her waist, and her wrists tied over her head with a blue satin scarf. If she’d worn panties to visit The Club, there was no sign of them now.
Marissa watched the Sub squirm, whimpering for release.
Jack shook his head. “Not yet, sweetheart, I’m enjoying your lovely pussy. Your cream’s running down my palm. I’m going to lick it up and then I’ll think about letting you come. Are you enjoying showing my guest what a good girl you are?”
The Sub murmured, her breath hitching as Jack bent and thrust his tongue into her pussy.
“Yes, sir, it’s exactly how I hoped it would be.”
Marissa’s pussy drenched her panties. She licked her lips.
Cade lurched around and took a step toward her table.
He looked unseeing right into Marissa’s eyes, the expression on his face a glaze of pure confusion, and then he passed by heading to the bar in the corner.
Marissa watched him take a sip of the iced water he’d ordered, then she too got up and walked away from that part of The Club where sex soaked the air with erotic perfume, and the sounds of orgasm played havoc with her own desires.

Copyright Elodie Parkes, Evernight Publishing 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Week .99 Sale!

As a Valentine's week special, three of my books are being offered for $0.99!

Those included are:  

Sale is Amazon only and ends Sunday, February15th!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Coming Spring 2015

Archangel. A musical angel hiding in the dusty,  smoke-filled London clubs, she performs with reckless abandon.  Few know the woman behind the mask she adorns.

Mary Tudor, twin sister to Amadeus Tudor - a well known rock star- has all but given up her up and coming photography business to become the personal photographer, and fiancé to Daniel Kennedy. Daniel, a world renown violinist, is one of the few who knows Mary's secret. Together they scheme to devise a way for her to fulfill a secret dream.

Postponing their wedding until after Daniel's much anticipated European tour, Mary juggles many jobs. One however alludes her every month. Motherhood.

Making unannounced, surprise appearances during Daniel's tour, the mysterious Archangel rules the concert stage. Suddenly everyone wants to know who this masked woman is. Fans clamor for more, the press want to know every detail about her, and a few others are certain Daniel Kennedy is quite aware at who this phenomenon is.  And if that weren't enough drama, a sinister enigma from Amadeus' past threatens both her future and her life.

Will Archangel's identity be revealed as planned, or will the chaos of Amadeus' past catch up to them?


Coming May 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Special Pre-Valentine's Day Sale!

This week only! The Special Box Set is FREE to Prime/KU member or just $0.99!!

That's four books for FREE or $0.99!!

Included are Tudor Rose, Tudor Rubato, Tudor Reunion Tour AND Encore!

What are you waiting for? You know you want to read Daniel and Mary's passionate love story, along with the Tudor clan's adventures!


Monday, February 2, 2015

The Heat Is On!

Word is getting out about Choice Affairs - the second book in the Southern Heat series!

Here's a FIVE STAR review (the second) on Amazon!

Verified Purchase
Apolo Choice has just been appointed senator and the problems are already starting. He and Caitlyn wanted to focus on projects for people with disabilities but that's hard to do when family members keep causing drama. On top of that something strange is going on at Choice Enterprises that needs Apolo's immediate attention and the press has only gotten more insatiable for news of the handsome young senator and his new bride.

Book two in the Southern Heat Series is full of intrigue. Apolo and Caitlyn have problems coming at them from all directions. Caitlyn's mother Susan is up to her old tricks. I won't say anything beyond that because I don't want to give anything away.

Jamie Salisbury does an excellent job bringing you into her world. I read Choice Affairs in one day. I couldn't put it down. It just flows so well and I needed to know what was going to happen next.

Thank you!

Friday, January 30, 2015


Here is an excerpt from Choice Affairs. Enjoy!

, I remember why Caitlyn hired a wedding planner—to keep her mother at a distance.
Which reminds me of the other unpleasant task I must deal with—my brother, Anthony.
Our original plan had been to have the rehearsal dinner at his restaurant on Lake Lanier. But as usual, he had to go and leak everything to the press.
Since he didn’t answer his phone, I left a message informing him of the change of plans. And made sure to include the fact that he was no longer invited to this evening’s affair.
Not so long after, he stormed down to my office at Choice Enterprises, barging in, acting like a stark raving fool. Of course, he wasn’t happy and clearly wanted to make sure I heard about it directly from him. Sometimes, I swear he and Susan could be siblings. They’re so much alike and so over-dramatic.
“What the hell do you mean, leaving me a message telling me you’re not only cancelling the dinner at my restaurant, but that you’re uninviting me? Me? Your best man? What in the hell is going on here, Apolo?”
“You know exactly why, Tony. Don’t play your games with me.”
“Games? You know your problem, Apolo?”
I sighed, knowing what was coming. Insolent twerp. “I’m sure you’re going to tell me. Whether I want to hear or not.”
“You think you’re above everyone else. You think you can snap your fingers and everyone bows to you or submits to your every command. You’re a rich, selfish bastard.”
“Am I now? I don’t recall hearing that pass your lips when I’ve helped you on one of your many endeavors. You had your hands out greedily, as I remember.”
“You refused to help finance the restaurant. You forced me to go to other sources.”
“I refused, Tony, because you are reckless with my money and never repay your debts. End of subject. So, now you think you’re going to sell out details of my wedding to the highest bidder? Just like Caitlyn’s mother? No, it stops now.”
“You know, Apolo, one of these days, your high and mighty attitude is going to kick you in the butt. Right when you least expect it.”
I sat back in my leather swivel chair, eyeing him closely. “Is that a threat brother?”
“Consider it a warning.”
“Then, you don’t know me as well as you think, Anthony. Two things I don’t take to are extortion and blackmail. You’d be very wise to remember that.”
“Is that a threat, Apolo?”
“Heavens, no! Just a piece of brotherly advice.”
“Someone needs to knock you down off your high horse, brother.”
“You tried once, remember?”
“So you say.”

“Anthony, I don’t have time to sit here and bicker with you. Grow up. Make something of yourself. But don’t do it on my back, or our wedding. Do we understand each other?”
I turned to face the windows, hoping he would understand that I was dismissing him. What was it with him? He’s always thought that he should get a free ride. Never once had he shown the initiative to do anything that required the least little bit of hard work. He’s always had his hand out.
After he had been kicked out of officer training, our father had at least seen the light and cut him off. But then, he only turned to me. I had helped him out with a few ventures. Things that on paper, and if he’d applied himself and worked at, would have probably turned out successfully. But he had wanted to party instead.
When he had come to me with the idea of this California-style restaurant on the banks of Lake Lanier, I had thought it was doable. But restaurants are a very risky venture. Few survive the first year, let alone the first five. That reason alone is why I've never ventured into the business myself. Anthony knew that, but hadn’t liked it when I had refused to finance his latest scheme. Which was his problem, not mine.
He was still standing behind me. I could feel him seething at being shut down. Slowly, I turned to face him and dismiss him, once and for all.
“You’re still here? Is there something else you needed to discuss, or did I not make myself clear?”
“No, I’m leaving. You know, you’re a pompous, arrogant ass, Apolo. One of these days, brother. One of these days… We’ll see who has the last laugh.”
I ignored his attempt to get a rise out of me. I knew better than to fall into his pathetic trap. Instead, I opened my laptop and watched him storm out of the room. The same way he’d come in.
Damn, meddling relatives.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting To Know The Men of Nirvana Flats

Today I'm spotlighting a new author, Kathy O'Rourke. She has two books out, her latest being Thanking Stars. I just finished her first, Knowing Beth,and I adored it. I'm looking forward to reading her second, and keeping up with this "gang."

Hi there, first I want to say Congrats to Jamie on her new book. Looks wonderful and I love political intrigue so this sounds divine to me. I one clicked book one and this one about an hour ago. I’m excited to read them.

 My name is Kathy O’Rourke.  I‘m a writer and I specialize in romance with an erotic twist. (That’s right the naughty stuff.) But please know that my books also include humor, suspense, friendship and a message. I am currently writing my Men of Nirvana Flats Series.

You have a chance to win an ebook of my first book “Knowing Beth.” To qualify for the drawing please like and leave a comment on this thread. I will be randomly choosing a winner. Thank you.

Book 2: “Thanking Stars” 
Riley James, single father, surgical nurse and VP of the Nirvana Flats Motorcycle Club has been single since he left his girlfriend for being a cheating bitch.
Lynne Howell, a struggling single mother, hasn’t had another man in her life since her ex threatened her and her baby’s life.
So what do you get when you mix together these two single parents, two adorable little boys, a manipulative ex and a rich, powerful and doting grandfather?
Oh yeah, I better mention that Riley’s a Dom and Lynne is a sub.
So what do you get? Problems, danger, laughs, red hot sex and maybe even an extraordinary love story. Hold on tight for a rollercoaster ride you will not want to miss.

This is Book two of the Men of Nirvana Flats Series. Please understand that you need to read them in order, starting with Book One “Knowing Beth”.  Although not cliffhangers, the storyline is best understood from the beginning. Thank you.
Please note: Due to sexual content, this book is for mature readers over 18 years old.

Book 1 : “Knowing Beth” on sale for .99 cents …..
Beth: A young submissive in trouble.
Parker: A Dom with a sad secret.
Was it just an accident that they met? Or something else?
Can Parker and his crew help Beth handle her past demons? Can Beth help Parker deal with his painful past?
The Nirvana Flats Motorcycle club finds her alone at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, broken and afraid. She begs them to leave her alone but something in her eyes and the way she is acting tells them there is much more to her story.

You can find Kathy on Facebook at: Kathy O'Rourke

Monday, January 19, 2015

Interview With Susan Pickett-White...Apolo Choice's Mother-In-Law

Today, I've got Susan Pickett-White in the hot seat. She is Caitlyn Choice's daughter, and Senator Apolo Choice's mother-in-law.

JS: Welcome Susan. I was excited when I received your email agreeing to be interviewed.

SW:  You're quite welcome.

JS:  Please tell us a little about yourself, Susan...

SW: You already know, my daughter is Caitlyn White-Choice. She is married to Senator Apolo Choice. Myself? I was born and raised in Dublin. That's where I met Caitlyn's father, Frank. We moved to the United States when he was offered a job in the software industry. When his job ended, he left and returned to Dublin, I didn't. *sniffs* We're in the middle of divorce proceedings as we speak.

JS: I understand you now live in Washington as well?

SW: Yes. I moved there to be closer to my daughter. She's married to a powerful man, and she's all alone in this town. I needed to be close in case she ever needs me.

JS: Speaking of your son-in-law, Senator Choice, how do you think he'll fair in Washington?

SW: Apolo Choice may be a very rich man, but just like every other powerful man he has secrets. Secrets I'm afraid my dear Caitlyn was completely unaware of before she married him.

JS: Really?

SW: Of course! I'm afraid though my son-in-law is not suited for a life in politics and I know for a fact that he'll be scurrying back to Georgia, tail between his legs by the end of his term.

JS: What about re-election? It's a known fact that he's going to seek re-election.

SW: If and it's a big 'if' he were to be appointed by his party, or even get through a primary, he'll never win re-election. He has too many secrets and has too many enemies in this town. No Apolo Choice is not cut out for political life, no matter what his ego may tell him.

JS: That's a pretty bold statement to make, Susan.

SW: I don't believe in beating around the bush. Especially where my daughter's happiness and welfare are concerned.

JS: And you, Susan...you have a new love in your life?

SW: A lady never tells her secrets. Lord knows I've tried to tell Apolo that more than once.

JS: What about the mess surrounding your son, and Caitlyn's brother, Tom?

SW: Tom has done nothing wrong. The entire thing is a fabrication of Apolo Choice and his people.

JS: Really? Why would he do that?

SW: To make himself appear more important than he really is. And also keep the focus off  how ill-equipped he is for his new job.

JS: Senator Choice hardly seems like the type of man who would have to stoop to such tactics.

SW: You don't know him the way I do. Control-freak, that's what he is. As far as Tom goes, I'm a mother. I know my children. Better than they know themselves, so a mother must protect her cubs.

JS: Do you plan to help your daughter out with her new endeavors in Washington? The charity for disabled people, and the equine therapy program she is starting?

SW: I will do whatever I can for Caitlyn. All she has to do is ask. I think it is marvelous what she is doing. In spite of all the turmoil surrounding her husband.

JS: Were you shocked to learn he has a disability?

SW: Shocked? No, though his version of what happened is nothing but a fairy tale others planted in his head. One he's now telling. It's a lie, and not the actual way it happened.

JS: How do you know?

SW: If you're referring how Apolo claims his brother Anthony is responsible, that is a lie.

JS: The facts seem to back Senator Choice, Susan.

SW: Do they really? Anthony was never arrested for anything. Everything was kept hush-hush, swept under the table. Apolo knows what really happened that night, so does Anthony. And so does their father. You're a journalist, if you want the truth, you might start there.

JS: That's a pretty bold statement to be making Susan. But let's move on...anything you can tell us? Are Apolo and Caitlyn planning on having children soon?

SW: Caitlyn suffered a miscarriage a while back. I'm sure when the doctor gives her the green light, they'll be trying again. *pauses to pat her eyes with her fingertip* I really wish they'd wait. I hate the idea of Caitlyn having to raise a child by herself.

JS: I hadn't heard about the miscarriage. That's awful. Why would you think she'd be having to raise a child by herself.

SW: Well my dear, must I spell it out? If Apolo's enemies don't see to his demise in Washington, his philandering ways with the ladies will certainly end that marriage. He already has one mistress living in Washington. No telling how many more there are. But Caitlyn knows I'm just a phone call away.

JS: Wow! Unfortunately Susan, we're out of time. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. I'd love to have you back soon though.

SW: Thank you, and I'd love to come back. Perhaps next time, Caitlyn could come with me and we could talk more in depth about Caitlyn's charities.

Choice Affairs - Book 2 of the Southern Heat Trilogy.

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