Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Interview With Archangel aka Mary Tudor

Recently I sat down with Mary Tudor to get a little more insight into the woman known as Archangel.  She requested a list of questions ahead of time.  Two days later I received an email with a list of the questions she would not answer. Anything personal was off limits.  Here is a portion of my interview with her.

JS:  Thank you for this opportunity, Mary. I know you don't give interviews yourself very often, so I was ecstatic when you agreed to meet with me.

MT: I'm happy to do it. You're right, I don't interview often, especially on my own. Usually it's Daniel and me together. So doing it on my own is still a little foreign to me.

JS:  What made you decide to take up photography?  And will you ever go back to just doing it?

MT:  *smiling* I had to make a living somehow. After Julliard I moved to London. Unfortunately I wasn't able to secure a full time job with an orchestra, and as the part time ones began to dwindle, so did my income. I found out it was something I was good at. I've never completely quit doing photography. At the moment I do it for existing clients only. I doubt I'll ever return to doing it as a full time occupation. It's something I enjoy, an outlet away from the music which seems to be the dominating force in my life.

JS:  How did it feel to step out on stage in front of thousands of people as Archangel? 

MT: I'd already been sporadically playing in the clubs in London so I was used to playing in front of an audience.  You can't see the audience when you're on stage. You can hear their applause, which makes all the practicing and planning worthwhile. Very gratifying. 

JS: Does Archangel plan to tour alone at some point?"

MT: At some point, yes. Nothing has been planned outside of recording.

JS:  Favorite city?

MT: Vienna.

JS:  Vienna? Really? Why?

MT: Very old, historical, musical.  I bet you thought I was going to say New York or London.

JS:  You grew up with three brothers, all famous rock stars in their own right. That had to be tough for you. How do they feel about Archangel?

MT:  Yes it was. It wasn't easy being the only girl with an interest in music. The three of them were loud and cocky. Still are. Amadeus and me are the only ones with classical training, which I think gave us an edge. They all support me, and what I'm attempting with Archangel. Amadeus in particular,

JS:  So what's the future hold for Archangel?

MT:  For now I'm comfortable recording, playing clubs here and there. Small venues. It's something I'm growing into, and it can't be rushed. I tried that and quickly learned it's not the way to go.

Come back next week as I continue this one of a kind interview with Mary.

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  1. Great interview!

    I want to go to Vienna! Such beautiful buildings.