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Unexpected Storm

When Holly takes a vacation with friends, she never dreams she will meet someone who turns her lonely life around in just one afternoon…the question is, can this kind of heat last…
‘Unexpected Storm,’ released June 21, from Secret Cravings Publishing.
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Excerpt one from ‘Unexpected Storm,’ Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014, Secret Cravings June 21, 2014 erotic romance short release
18+ rated

He stared at her intently, and then extended a hand alongside her head to rest it against the wooden window frame. His muscled arm grazed her cheek. He enclosed her in intimacy.
“Hi, my name’s Will. I’m not sorry I grabbed your ass. You’re lovely and I just couldn’t help it. Blame the atmosphere, the positive ions.” He smiled and it made him even more beautiful.
Holly couldn’t get past the lure of his muscular arm being so close to her she could’ve nestled against it. She couldn’t tear her gaze from his blue eyes. Her entire body reacted wildly to this man. Breasts heavy, pussy drenched, eyes about to close with a haze of lust, she heard a sigh break from her lips.
Will brought his other hand gently around Holly’s head, held her, and watched her eyes as he descended on her mouth.
His fingers against her ear sparked rivulets of sensation. They trickled goose bumps down her neck to her breasts. His kiss was soft, sexy, lingering, and when he stopped, Holly followed his mouth with hers, the desperation for more kisses driving her.
Rain beat on the roof of the beach hut. People talked loudly so they could be heard. The girls, who’d squealed earlier, squealed again as thunder rolled overhead. The air was warm, sticky, vaguely smelling of rush matting, seaweed, the ocean. Holly felt sweat trickle down between her shoulder blades. It beaded under her hairline and on her top lip. She quickly licked it away and noticed how Will watched her tongue hungrily.
Excerpt Two, from ‘Unexpected Storm,’ Copyright Elodie Parkes, 2014 Secret Cravings June 21, 2014 erotic romance short release

PG13 rated
“I’ll drive you to the hotel. It’ll only take five minutes on the road. It’ll take you fifteen up the cliff steps. They might still be slippery from the earlier downpour.” He pictured the dark wooden steps, with their cracks full of sand and wildflowers growing out of them at the edges.
“That’s so kind, Will, thank you.”
He followed her through the kitchen and watched her pick up her cell phone. They went quietly to the hall where she retrieved her beach bag.
Will opened a drawer in the hall table and took out a set of car keys. He picked up the door key from the top. Without a shirt or shoes, he walked to the Jeep and helped Holly into it.
Before he started the car engine, he looked across at her. Desperation to see her again, tell her he felt something for her, forced a sigh.
She looked at him and Will was certain there was longing in her expression.
When they were on the road to the hotel, he spoke. “I’ll look out for you on the beach tomorrow. Holly, is there any chance I can see you again? Could we have lunch, or just coffee, or something? I’d like to see you. You can reach me at the Surf and Sail shop. I’d offer my number, but…”
He waited for her answer, hopefully.
“I’ll find you there, soon.” She sounded happy.
It lifted his heart, and he let out a breath, unaware he’d been holding it until then. Relief flooded him and he grinned as he drove through the hotel gates and stopped by the fountain to let Holly out.
She turned to him and kissed him by the side of his mouth.
He caught her head and kissed her lips.
When she’d gone, he drove around the fountain and out to the road.
About the author,
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

His Paris Affair

His Paris Affair (The Albury Affair #3) Ruiz had enough of secrets and lies from the woman he loves. But what will she do when dangerous secrets and lies from his past invade thier present?

Ruiz Albury went to the Bahamas for one reason, to get back what was his as the rightful heir of his father with rage and resentment that has been festering for years. But once he gets there, he’s treated as part of a family, shown love and care he’d only dreamed about and all his carefully laid plans are forgotten. In fact, they are buried deep in his mind when he meets Melody Sinclair.
Melody Sinclair thought she’d found one of the good ones. She loved Ruiz and trusted him enough to make him a part of her life, only to have it shuttered when she finds out his secret. Heart broken and distraught, she gets drunk and decides to get over him by getting under someone else, only for it to turn out to be the worst mistake of her life. Trapped, with nowhere to turn, Ruiz sweeps in like a knight in shining armor ready to battle her dragon might not live long enough to see that happen.
“Stop!” Melody yelled, lowering her head to meet her raised hands to cover her ears. She couldn’t hear about what they could have had and the ‘what ifs’. She’d tormented herself enough with them and she couldn’t handle them coming from Ruiz. Either way it was pointless because she was never leaving Antonio.
He yanked her hands away from her ears and Melody raised her head meeting his gaze. “None of that matters anymore. It’s over and done with and now we have nothing, absolutely nothing between us so stop!”
“That’s where you are wrong,” he growled his head swooping low to capture her lips in a searing kiss with his own.
Melody felt a bust of emotion fill her at the contact, her body suddenly ravenous for one thing—Ruiz.

* * * *

Ruiz had no idea what he was doing but there was no way in hell he was going to stop. He’d watched her lips move and they teased him like a fat kid in a candy store. He couldn’t hold himself back any longer so he responded to his baser instincts and kissed her. It felt like coming home, a drop of cool refreshing water on the tongue of a man lost in the desert for weeks. He drank from her deeply not sure he’d ever be able to willingly stop. God he’d missed her so much.
He felt her hands tag at his shirt at his shoulders. He hadn’t even realized she’d completely unbuttoned it. His belt was also done away with, his trousers hanging open at his hips. He released his hold on her and helped her rid him of the shirt. Then he began pulling her dress off in rushed jerky moves proof of his impatience to get to her naked flesh. He wanted to feel her against him again, skin to skin. He pushed his jeans down and kicked them off just as she pushed him back to sit on his knees. She raised herself, ready to mount him, her impatience vibrating off her shaking form when he held her still.
“Do I need to wear a condom?”
She shook her head. “No, you don’t.”
Ruiz smiled; if she only knew she’d answered his question in more ways than one.
“Ruiz,” she began hesitantly, “it’s been a while...”
 If he wasn’t so hard up, he’d dance a jig! That served as the confirmation he so desperately needed but also provoked more questions.
He nodded. “We’ll go slow, gentle. I want to savor this.”
She smiled at him, a real full-blown Melody Sinclair smile that always turned his insides to mush. He raised her above his straining erection. He almost lost it when he saw her drip over the bead of cum at the tip of his shaft. She swallowed him up with a sigh, her body shaking from the intrusion while Ruiz shook from his own first stroke of pleasure. The hot and tight walls around him were like a punch in the chest. After a year of celibacy, no one would blame him if he came right at that moment, but he fought it. He wanted to stay inside her for as long as he could, taking pleasure from her body. His hands moved up and down her back, to her rounded hips. He wanted to touch her, to completely consume her. He wanted to lay her on the ground and fuck her like a maniac, but he liked it better with her above him, looking up at her, his face nestled between her large breasts. They were larger than he remembered but he wasn’t complaining.
She began to ride him, slow and hesitantly at first until he began to guide her with his hands on her hips and she found a sure rhythm. She bounced on his shaft faster as he raised and plunged her needing more, craving more. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as she moaned and cried out landing harder on to him. He was sure if he didn’t work out he’d have no muscle to cushion his thigh bones and they would have broken in half by now at how forceful she rode him. He panted over her nipples, lightly licking them and rubbing his face against, under and between them, doing everything he knew that drove her crazy except suckle the tight buds. He wanted to tease her, torment her into riding him harder.
He kneaded her thighs open as he parted his own so that she could sink fully onto him, taking him completely inside her. Her body shook again as if she was attached to a high voltage, her hands tightening into fists in his hair as she rode him harder, chasing after the ultimate high that was her orgasm. Sitting lower against him, her tight nipples brushed against his chest as her breasts bounced and he knew the sensation was what made her movements jerky and heavy. She was close, he could feel it. Normally, this was where he would take over, but he didn’t. He held onto her hips, helping her rid him as he watched the beads of sweat roll down her creased face, dropping to her chest and roll between the valley of her breasts. Her lips parted in desperate cries as her body began to shake. Then finally she went rigid, her back bending backwards, her head thrown back as her lips parted in a loud scream that vibrated in his chest. He loved watching her reach her peek, knowing the moment his body had brought her as much pleasure as her own did him. He loved watching the serenity settle on her face as she came down from her high, and yet knowing it wouldn’t be there for much longer.
“My turn,” he whispered gruffly, lowering her to the ground. He placed her feet on his shoulders and settled her ass on his thighs, his hands on her hips, turning them in a position that was bound to keep them in a white haze of pleasure for as long as he could hold it.
He rocked into her, slow at first waking up her body. When her head began to toss from side to side, a soft moan leaving her slightly parted lips, her eyes struggling to open and he knew it was time to up the ante. He pressed his thumb on her swollen clit making her scream, her eyes popping open. She struggled to push herself up onto her elbows, her eyes riveted on where he disappeared inside her.
“Watch me Mel, watch as I go in and out of you. Watch as I come home.”
She wrapped her hand around his wrist, holding herself up, her eyes never leaving his glittering shaft, wet with her cum.
“This belongs to me Melody, only me. No other dick should call this home. This is mine all mine.”
She nodded, her hair falling over her face. “Ruiz!”

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