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On the road again with Secret Cravings Publishing

Is Proud to Present

On learning they have new shapeshifter powers, Tatiana and Rich return to his log house in the woods. No sooner do they arrive than the Spirit materializes to give them amazing news. Wishing to stay safe from harm, Tatiana, at Rich’s urging, decides to go into hiding at his lakeside home.
As days slowly turn into weeks they settle into a comfortable life, each looking after the other both emotionally and in the bedroom.
Finally, the big day comes when they get to see what the Spirit told them.
How this revelation will change their lives, they can only guess.

This will get both of your brains into what I want, she thought as she started to come, not realizing he was standing in the doorway.
“That’s not going to work except get you to come again. Look Tatiana, I’ve got a feeling we could be in real trouble and we need to figure out how to handle it.”
Not even getting caught made her blush, but she knew he was right. Against her baser needs she stopped and covered herself.
“Sorry. I guess I’m wanting to hide from what I learned, which is the same as you.”
“I understand, darling, but we have to deal with it before it gets out of hand. I can tell you this, though, I’m not leaving you. As we learned at my house, we are meant to be together and bring a new generation of shifters into the world.”
“I’m glad you want to stay with me because I can’t ever see leaving you. I’d rather die first,” Tatiana said, taking the offered wine glass then taking a sip.
“What did your mistress tell you?”
“Like the Spirit told us, there’s a new shifter coming which will change our lives forever. Fortunately she didn’t seem to focus on me but everyone in the conclave. That’s what has me worried though,” she started.
“I don’t understand. If she didn’t target you, why would that make you nervous? I’d think you’d be relieved.”
“She seemed to be concentrating on one of the older clan members, which makes me wonder if, besides us, something or someone else might be coming.”
“You mean to endanger us?”
“Yes. What if another type of shifter is coming which can hurt or kill one or both of us? Then everything would be lost.”
“I find this interesting because my master led us to believe what was coming would be the dawning of a new age. Either one or both are lying to get us to come out into the open.”
“Rich, what did he mean by new age, since it’s similar to what my mistress told us?”
“That’s something I’m not sure about. Like with your mistress, he didn’t set his sights on one shifter in particular, but all of us.”
Tatiana took another sip of her wine, enjoying the fruity taste of it, and settled back against the thick pillows. Between what she’d learned at her clan meeting and what Rich now told her, she knew, or at least suspected, someone was lying. What she did know was it wasn’t him as she’d learned if he was while staying at his log house.
Was it possible both clan heads knew they were part of the new change, which threatened their leadership and power over everyone? Studying Rich, she could tell he was having the same thoughts, which was good as it would put them both on the offensive if necessary.

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Bonjour ladies and gentlemen.
I’m originally from the US where I grew up in your typical small town in middle America. Now in my late 20’s I live in France with my two lovers, Renard and Monique. We share a lovely apartment in Paris where I study interior design and my roomies are enrolled in art school.
I don’t know what the normal erotic author looks like but to set your mind at ease I have waist length red hair, long toned legs and a body most women would kill for. To that end several times clothing designers pleaded, on their knees, for me to model their clothes. I refused them as I found them lacking in many area, one in particular.
About a year ago I took up writing at the encouragement of Monique. She thought the world should know how in love the three of us are. When I stared to put pen to paper, so to speak, I didn’t want your typical erotic stories so I searched for the best way to express our emotions. It was Renard who suggested shapeshifters as he’d just finished a series of paintings on the subject.
I’ve found that I love writing so much I plan to cut back on my classes so I can devote more time to giving you hot, steamy erotic romance.


Previous Books-
            Awakening- Book 1 in Clan Wolverine series
            Beginning- Book 2 in Clan Wolverine series

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Forever Mine - On The Road Again with SCP Blog Tour

Is Proud to Present

Book Description: After her uncle dies, Felicia decides to visit the family she hasn’t seen since she was a child.  After years of therapy, she believes she’s ready to face her past and won’t fall prey to her family’s delusional beliefs about vampires.  But a dark childhood wasn’t Felicia’s only problem.  She’s in love with a man she sees only in her dreams.  Calvin.  She convinces herself that Calvin is a figment of her imagination and tries to erase him from her thoughts.  She thinks meeting her real family will give her closure on her parents’ murders, but instead she finds that everything she convinced herself wasn’t real, was. Soon she is forced to choose between the man she loves and the vampire hunters who call her their own.

Tagline:  She would do anything to find the lover who haunts her dreams, but is she ready to share his curse?   

Author bio: H.N. studied art in college, but writing has always been her greatest passion. Most of her books are contemporary romances, but she is best known for her dark, paranormal romances, and unique take on the modern vampire. Her books have been best sellers on Amazon, Bookstrand and her publisher's website.  Some of her most popular works include; Check Mate, the Nightwalkers series, and the Christian's Kisses series.

Aside from writing, she's a mom and cat lover. She's also an award winning graphic designer and co-host of the radio show, Freshly Booked.

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On the road with Secret Cravings Publishing!

Is Proud to Present

Jaeger Reineiner is a vampire on a mission. No more lurking in shadows or hiding in the middle of nowhere - the tattooed, pierced black denim and leather clad bad boy wants a more normal life. He wants to win the heart of the little Goth spitfire he feels can redeem the red from his soul - the red stain of blood from centuries working as an assassin for hire.
Emily O'Connell, the youngest Deputy Coroner in state history hasn't had time for love until Jaeger walked into her life and she couldn't imagine him walking out. When his psychotic past hunts him down to kidnap her, cause chaos and bloodshed, and use her as bait to get to him, Emily will fight for him and beside him.

Is Jaeger's love for her strong enough to find her in time? Will Emily's love for him prove pure enough to redeem his soul?

Excerpt 1
Jaeger thought of Emily constantly. It was true there was nothing but black in his wardrobe, but he’d begun adding chains and spikes to switch between Badass Biker Assassin ‘just-leave-me-alone-and-I’ll-let-you-live’ look to be a little more Goth like Emily. He hoped she took the change in his look as a compliment, and not as being a copycat or creepy. He inhaled her scent—jasmine, vanilla and woman—it made his head spin. “Alone at last,” he chuckled.
Emily sighed as she tossed the magazine to the table. “So we are.”
His blood pressure shot up when she coyly looked down at her lap, then slowly back up at him through her lashes, lowering her voice to just above a whisper.
“Jaeger, thank you again for finding Marlin and bringing him home to Mary. She was so worried she’d screwed up their whole relationship.”
Jaeger shrugged. “It wasn’t a big deal. There’s almost nothing I wouldn’t do to help him or Paul. They're my brothers. I’m already happier here in Pennsylvania than I ever was in Ontario. The scenery is much prettier.”
Emily’s jaw dropped a little and she started to blush. “Are you flirting with me?”
“Yes. I am.”
“Why?” Emily immediately went on the defensive. With her record-of-accomplishment of users and liars, it was almost natural for her to question anyone’s motives.
“Because there's something about you that caught my attention, caught me when I first saw you and heard your voice. I’m told women today like honesty, so I’m being honest. I’m not used to attempting to win a woman. The women I was used to, years ago, weren’t big on the word kind of discussion.” He waggled his eyebrows to be sure she got his meaning, and laughed when she narrowed her eyes at him. “Paul and Marlin said you know about us—you're aware of our family kind, I should say. You should know that we're all hunters at heart. Just some are better at it than others.” His German accent became thicker the more he was aroused by a woman, a hunt—or in this case, both—or a fight. He smiled at her nod of understanding. “I am glad you understand all this. Know this as gospel truth, my Emily. As I said, there is something about you that has caught me, and I will catch you.”
“You plan to lead me into temptation then?” Emily laughed, with a devilish twinkle in her silvery-grey eyes. “Or is it the other way around?”
He wanted so much to pounce on her, to wipe that cocky grin from her face, make her whimper for him and prove who would win the temptation game. “Temptation? I cannot be led into temptation, my dear girl. I am temptation.”
Emily only laughed, as if she’d figured everything out beforehand and already made up her mind. “You are temptation? What if I’m not so easily led?” The challenging gleam in Emily’s eyes was too much for Jaeger to deny.
“Then I shall have to prove I’m worth it.”
Emily laughed. “Men are after one thing. When they finally win that pussy prize and get tired of it, or see a prettier piece of ass walking down the street, off they go. You want me to think you’re different, or that you’re not another one of the out-of-work bums looking for a new cash-mama to take care of him so you can lay on my couch watching television all day.” She shook her head. “You've got a long hard road ahead of you, buddy. This girl don’t trust men any farther than she can throw them. There are just way too many bad experiences when the word trust was involved.”
“Buddy? I am not ‘buddy’! I am Jaeger Baldwyn Reiniener. Would it impress you to know that was once the Markgraf of Speyer? I ran an entire city-state, like an emperor or a king.” He laughed bitterly.
Emily shook her head. “Are all you guys some kind of European royalty? Damn! But no, Jay, it don’t impress me.”
He smiled. “Jay? I think I like this shortening of my name. Especially with that foul alcohol on the market. People add ‘meister’ to my name all the time, and find it funny. I think I will like to use Jay.” His grin broadened. “I also like a woman who isn’t impressed by something so silly and outdated. You are a smart woman, my Emily. Your intelligence shows in your eyes.” He drew a finger down her cheek, causing her to lower her eyes and hide them from him. “Why do you hide from me now? They are an amazing color. In all my centuries, I have very rarely seen silver eyes in a human woman. I like to see them sparkle with laughter, and can’t help but wonder…do they darken to the grey of storm clouds when you get truly angry, or caught up in the throes of passion and lust?”

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About the Author
A long time ago Nicole decided there were too many perfect characters in the books she read. She decided that she would add imperfections to her characters to make them feel more real, even if it was only in her own heart, but she hopes you enjoy reading about them as much as she loves creating each and every one of them.

Whether in the foothills of the Laurel Highlands in Southwest Pennsylvania or in the little worlds of her own making, Nicole is happy to be at home with her husband, her children, and rambunctious dogs. After all, every day is an adventure and you should live it as such. Tomorrow is never a guarantee - live for today and be sure to tell those you love that you love them. You never know when you won't have that chance again.

Never stop dreaming - never stop believing - If you want the moon and stars - go get them... They won't just land in your lap without a little bit of help.
Other books by Nicole Campbell
Arabian Night Walker
Loving A Dark Soul (Dark Souls Book 1)
Salvation for a Dark Soul (Dark Souls Book 2)-(Ebook and Print)
Teacher's Pet: Let's Make Music Together
Devil's Devotion
Tori’s Yule
Warriors of the Veil: Flower Fae Series Book 1

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On the Road with Secret Craving Publishing

Is Proud to Present

Code Name: Nina’s Choice

Nina Samson, an analyst working at Coronado Base Command, lands in Navy sniper Mace Callahan’s lap like an I.E.D. Two weeks of fiery passion with the lithe redhead, and the self-proclaimed bachelor raises the white flag.

Arriving in San Diego, Nina, a single mother with an eight-year-old daughter, spots danger ahead. Mace’s Hollywood goods looks and wicked smile makes her heart run a zip-line of crazy. Lust for the sexy SEAL swiftly turns to fear when he deploys to Syria for a mission.

Mace returns home angry. Believing his injury destroys their future, unable to pleasure any woman, especially one like Nina, he tries to sever their relationship. She deflects every round Mace fires at her heart, determination controlling the helm. Just as the seas calm, fate advances. Another warrior sets his sights on her. Mace will wage war for her heart, but it’s “Nina’s Choice”.
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Secret Cravings Publishing
All Romance E-books
Book Trailer for Code Name: Nina’s Choice
Book Trailer for A Warrior's Challenge series

About the author:
I grew up on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia with the Pacific Ocean on my western doorstep, and thousands of acres of forest on the other. After finishing school, my life took a drastic twist, and a lifelong working relationship with the marine industry began.
After a twenty-year hiatus from my creative writing, the stories swirling in my mind began to swim hard to resurface, and I threw them a life ring. I juggle my creativity during my days off, and then get back down to business, working in Vancouver Harbour. My life is a mix of creativity vs. black and white procedures. With a lifetime of working in the marine community, there’s plenty of stories to tell. It’s a different world, different language, unsung heroes and heroines aplenty, heated moments, and blissful silence when all is well. Reading and writing is the way I turn down the loud hum that my work causes, and after thirty years of humming, it’s time to vent.

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Encore! Cover Reveal!

Encore! the first book of the new spin off series Tudor Saga now has a cover!
Look for Encore! to release July 1st.

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Tartan Deadlines Blog Tour

Beginning Tuesday, May 20th the blog tour will begin!
Please find the list of participating blogs and dates below. I will update with addies as we get closer. . .

May 20th             Read Between The Lines
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May 23rd             Kristina's Books & More
May 24th             Book Purses and Reviews
May 27th             Cajun Book Lover
May 28th             Isabella LaPearl
May 29th             Ramblings of a Book Lunatic
May 30th             Author Ellie Potts
May 31st              Crystal's Random Thoughts
June 1st               Harlie's Books
June 2nd              Dowlie's Place

June 3rd               Between The Pages

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Ah- Spring Is In The Air!!

It's May and that means Spring is in the air! So I leave you with another excerpt - this time smokin' excerpt from my latest release, Tartan Deadlines. . .

"You didn't tell me you were a MacLeod," he said, grinning. She could tell by his look he was pleasantly pleased.
"You didn't ask. MacLeod was my maiden name. I've actually thought about taking it back."
"Well you look beautiful Rae, and you should…take MacLeod back as your surname. It fits you far better than Spencer."
"Thank you. You look verra handsome yourself laddie in your kilt," she replied.
He did. He was in his full formal attire, kilt, sporran Prince Charles jacket and all. Even down to the shoes. Yes, Rory MacGregor was verra, verra much a Scot…and obviously very proud of it.
"Thank you very much, ma'am. Now if you're ready…"
He offered Rae his arm and led her to the door. He did this for the remainder of the evening…keeping her close.
The party was over the top. Rae had never in her life been to something like it. Sure she had been to plenty of regal galas with Duncan, but this was entirely different. The Scots loved their Hogmanay celebrations.
They danced and Rory made sure to introduce Rae to all sorts of people. She knew she would never remember names come tomorrow. What surprised her the most was that he never left her side. She could tell there were some younger lasses who were dying for his attention, a dance, but he stayed with Rae and proved to be a very attentive date.
It was during a slow dance towards the end, one of many they'd shared that Rae began to sense a change in him. Once they were relaxed and into the dance, he pulled her closer with the arm he had on her waist. That and he lowered his head so his cheek was touching hers. Rae felt the electric current rushing through her…and him.
He pulled her even closer, flattening her breasts out against his chest. "My God, Rae…" He nuzzled the side of her neck and prickles of heat rippled over her skin. One of his thighs moved intimately between her legs and she could feel his growing arousal through the fabric of her dress and his kilt. He was hard as granite by the time the music ended and she heard him softly curse.
"I don't know about you Rae, but I've had a wonderful time this evening. If you're ready how about we sneak out and head back to the suite for the fireworks?"
"That sounds like a wonderful idea." Rae hesitated a second before she continued. "I've had a wonderful time too. Thank you."
"You're welcome. The night's not over you know."
Okay…then she blurted it out. Rather whispered in his ear, but with no forethought. "You wouldn't be flirting with me now would you Mr. MacGregor?"
Rae heard a deep laugh that only she could hear. She felt his arm tighten on her waist.

"Aye and I've only just started," he whispered as he began to lead her off the dance floor.