Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Bold New Excerpt From Tartan Deadlines

"Aren't you going to take that?" Rory inquired as he navigated his way back into Edinburgh, his dark brown eyes fixed on the road ahead.
"You don't mind? It's Shawn. It's…"
"Go ahead. I don't mind."
She pushed the button to take the call. Her hands were sweating. Rae didn't know if it was from the heat in the car or the idea of another verbal confrontation with her son.
"Hello Shawn. Is everything okay? It's so unlike you to call at this time of day. I am at work you know. The time difference and all…"
"Yes mother I know you're at work. That's precisely why I'm calling you. So you can't scream and go off on one of your tangents."
"Only with good cause Shawn. What is it that couldn't wait until tonight?"
"I wanted to tell you myself before you heard it through the grape vine."
Now I was really curious. What had Duncan done now?
"I'm going to Singapore to spend the holidays with dad…"
"Yes I already know that Shawn. You were quite clear about your plans."
There was a sense of hesitation. Rae thought she heard him suck in a deep breath.
"Cory is going with me mother."
"Is that it? You're taking a friend along?"
"There's more mother. Cory and I are lovers. We have been for five years. I'm gay mother. Have known I was for years. So I guess you could say I'm using this phone call to come out of the closet to you."
Rae shook her head as though trying to make the jumbled words make sense. No they were real, too real in fact. She never saw this coming. Not in a thousand years.
"Mother? Are you still there?"
"Yes I'm here Shawn."
"And what Shawn? You had to tell me this in a phone call? What, no in person reveal? So rather than give you the satisfaction of an answer I'm hanging up. We'll talk about this if and when you decide to visit me, which by the way would have been the manly thing to do instead of taking the chickens way out and delivering such news over the phone."
She hit the end button. She wouldn't answer if he called back. She'd simply let it go to voice mail. Rae didn't want the chance of Shawn calling back and trying to plead for understanding. No, he had to know she didn't approve of him using the same tactics as his father had in their own affairs.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Tartan Deadlines is LIVE!

Today is release day for Tartan Deadlines! It only took about a year to publish this book, but she's out!
Below you can find the links - more to come. . .and is also available at Create Space/Amazon in print.
I loved writing this book and love the characters. . .and hope you do too.


Rae looked up from the computer screen to see a man of about forty standing in the doorway. His height was slightly below the doorframe. He was tall. Wearing blue jeans and an Irish fisherman's sweater with a pale blue shirt underneath, his dark brown hair contrasted off the sweater. Sable brown eyes observed her. His smile only increased his handsome good looks.
"You look good sitting there." He boomed in a loud Scottish brogue. "I'm Rory MacGregor and welcome to MacGregor Communications Mrs. Spencer."
Rae started to get up out of her chair, but her legs felt like jelly. She finally got hold of herself, stood and met him halfway.
"It's so good to finally meet you, Mr. MacGregor."
He extended his hand and took Rae's in a firm grip.
"And it's good to meet you as well. Please call me Rory. I don't believe in old fashioned formalities in the office."
"Well then Rory, please…call me Rae."
He sauntered into the office and sat down in one of the two leather and chrome chairs strategically placed in front of the glass and chrome desk.
"Very well how about if I introduce you properly to the staff? I can give you a run down on what everyone does. I know it'll boggle your mind for a week or two but you'll learn quickly."
"That sounds good." she replied, trying not to look at him too directly.

Damn Shawn! He hadn't told her Rory MacGregor was not only a younger man he had failed to let her know how handsome a man he was. Not that she was interested. A relationship with a man was the furthest thing from Rae's mind since all the nastiness with Duncan, the divorce…his girlfriend.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Exclusive Cover Reveal and Excerpt From Tartan Deadlines!

Cover reveal for Tartan Deadlines! The book will be available on Tuesday, April 22, 2014. . .
Cover design by Anya Kelleye Designs. . .

As they walked down the grand staircase hand in hand a while later Rory whispered to her. "Be prepared to be cornered for at least a few minutes. She knows what time the service is and how long it takes to get to the village. If she does corner us I'll get us out as quickly as possible."
"I know you will."
There she was, almost as though she had super hearing, waiting on them.
"Come, you have time before you leave. I haven't seen you since Christmas Rory. And now you come back…married."
She heard Rory take a deep breath saying nothing as he nodded and followed Lady MacGregor into the drawing room.
"Please have a cup of tea and something to eat before you leave. Dinner won't be until nine."
Rae walked over towards the large cart and poured Rory and her each a cup, adding the milk and sugar Rory preferred. She stirred it and took it over to him. Lady MacGregor was saying nothing, waiting on her. Rae quickly wondered if she had done something wrong or out of her protocol.
Rory put his tea on the table next to him and grabbed a plate, motioning Rae to do the same. There were all sorts of tiny sandwiches and sweets to choose from. She picked a couple of each and took it along with her tea to the chair she had motioned Rae to take.
"Rae." She said her name, almost as though it was distasteful for her to say it. "That's an unusual name for a woman. Is it a family name?"
Rae didn't even look at Rory, instead she smiled demurely at her, took a drink of her tea before she replied. "Yes ma'am it is. It was my Scottish great-great grandmother's name and it has been passed down every generation since."
"Oh, so you can claim Scottish heritage?"
"Yes ma'am. My maiden name is MacLeod." Dead silence. She knew right then what Rory had been telling her earlier. She had one upped his mother.
"A MacLeod, my, that is interesting. So you work for Rory, that's how the two of you met?"
"Yes mother, you know it is." Rory knew where this was headed and since he knew his mother far better than Rae did she allowed him free rein.
"I'm simply trying to get to know your wife better, Rory." She retorted, turning back towards Rae. "You were married before I take it? Any children?"
"Yes I have a son, Shawn. He lives in New York City. His father and I were married for quite a number of years. And before you ask, I got a very generous settlement in the divorce, so no I was not after your son's money, if that's where you're going with this."
She heard Rory make a rude noise in his throat but chose to ignore him. Rae was having too much fun. She had zapped the Lady Elizabeth MacGregor speechless once again. She glanced down at her watch momentarily.
"Rory, I think perhaps we need to get going. I'm sure the church will be packed for this service." She got up after placing the teacup back on the saucer, her plate of treats untouched.
"I think you're right. I forgot about this being the only service today. Mother if you'll excuse us. We'll see you for dinner."
"Ma'am." Rae said, bowing her head ever so slightly in her direction.
Rory helped Rae back into her coat, handing her pocket book to her. He guided her out of the room, his hand on the small of her back. She adjusted her scarf as they walked through the doorway, feeling quite satisfied with herself.
But she was not through with Rae. She had one last question to ask of her. She had followed the pair out into the grand hall.
"Rae? May I ask how old you are?"
"Mother!" Rae heard Rory exclaim, shaking his head in disapproval.

Rae turned to her as they started out the front door. "I'm sixty ma'am!" She shouted loud enough so she knew Lady MacGregor would hear what she'd said.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Voting Begins!!

My novel, Life and Lies was nominated for a 2014 RONE award in the Erotica category. Today the second step in the process begins. . .voting by readers/peers. I certainly would appreciate your vote! Thank you!

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