Monday, March 16, 2015

Archangel Cover Reveal

Coming May 5th - Archangel, book two of the Tudor Saga books!

Archangel. A musical angel hiding in the dusty,  smoke-filled London clubs, she performs with reckless abandon.  Few know the woman behind the mask she adorns.
Mary Tudor, twin sister to Amadeus Tudor - a well known rock star- has all but given up her up and coming photography business to become the personal photographer, and fiancé to Daniel Kennedy. Daniel, a world renown violinist, is one of the few who knows Mary's secret. Together they scheme to devise a way for her to fulfill a secret dream.

Postponing their wedding until after Daniel's much anticipated European tour, Mary juggles many jobs. One however alludes her every month. Motherhood.

Monday, March 2, 2015

A New Month!

A new week, a new month!

So many things going on in both the book world and in general. Time changes next weekend, spring is just a few weeks away...

The cover to Archangel will be revealed this month as well!