Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mary Tudor aka Archangel- Part 2

I recently interviewed Mary Tudor to get a feeling of what it was like to be this phenomenon known as Archangel. This is the second and final part of our interview.

JS:  Favorite classical composer?

MT:  It's a tie between Paganini and Mozart. Mozart because his music always moves me deep inside unlike any other composer. Paganini because he was a bit of a rebel; ahead of his time.

JS: Favorite musical artists of today?

MT:  My brother Amadeus and Daniel.

JS:  If you could go back and time and meet any one person, who would it be and why?

MT: *laughs* This is a trick question, because there are actually three people I'd love to meet - all related. But if you insist on one, Elizabeth I. She was ahead of her time- a leader in a man's world. And she gave her life to her country, sacrificing her personal wants and needs.

JS:  Where does the name Tudor come from? I understand there are no direct Tudor decedents...

MT:  You are correct - there are no direct Tudor . decedents. At least relating to Henry VIII. My family are indirectly related however. Anne Boleyn had a sister, Mary and that is how most families, including mine can claim Tudor blood. That would make Anne an aunt.

JS:  You enjoy genealogy then?

MT:  Yes, I find it fascinating knowing where I came from. I did the DNA swab for both sides of my family. That alone can make it a bit easier when you're researching your family.

JS:  Any other hobbies?

MT:  I like to dabble in painting. By that I mean taking images I've shot and incorporating them into perhaps other's I've taken. It's hard to explain, and I'm still experimenting with it.

JS:  So we might see a showing of your work someday?

MT:  *laughs* Not in this century! Like I said I'm still experimenting with the process. It's nowhere near ready for anyone to see.

JS:  If you could have one wish, what would it be?

MT:  That my father could see me now, meet Daniel.

JS:  One last question...what would you like to see in a third book?

MT:  *grins*  I can't say. I think this one will lead right into it however...

Thank you, Mary.

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  1. I love this interview. It gives more insight into who Mary really is.