Friday, September 26, 2014

Character Interview - Apolo Choice

Note: I decided to add something new from time to time. Character interviews. I'm starting off with Apolo Choice from Choice Matters, though the content is fastforwarded to the second book of the series, Choice Affairs. It is short, but then Apolo Choice is not one to sit and talk about things he would consider gossip. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Today I've got Apolo Choice in the studio for a one on one, face to face interview. Something, his people tell me he does rarely, if ever.

JS:  Good morning, Apolo, and welcome. May I call you Apolo?

AC: *snorts* Yes of course.

JS:  I understand you don't give interviews very often, so thank you for agreeing to this one.

AC: You're welcome. Yes, you're right. I don't give interviews, because I find them tedious, monotonous, and boring. However, now that I'm a United States senator, I have been advised to do more. Let the people get to know the real me, that sort of thing.

JS:  And do you show people the real you?

AC: *laughs* That is for you all to decide.

JS:  Okay, fair enough. Let's get to it then. You became a billionaire before you turned thirty. Not an easy feat, and not too many men have done it...

AC: *interrupting* No, it isn't, and the ones who have done it are usually your Silicon Valley techno geeks. While I do have some interests in technology, that's not the bread and butter of Choice Enterprises.

JS:  So tell us, how did you do it? If not in technology or software, or even social media, how did Apolo Choice become a billionaire so quickly?

AC:  I had a plan from early on, which I began in high school I believe. I stuck to it, tweaking it as necessary. As soon as I graduated college, I set things in motion. Not too hard actually if you work hard and know what you're after. More importantly, go after it.

JS:  And now you're a senator. I know you're taking over and finishing a vacated seat. Any plans yet as to whether you'll run for reelection? This time you'll have to convince the voters you're the man for the job.

AC:  No decisions have been made. I do have a small team who are evaluating the possibility right now. And I'm sure the voters will need no convincing Apolo Choice is their man should I decide to  run for reelection.
JS:  I understand you got married recently as well. I can imagine this is a huge adjustment for both of you. Adjusting to married life, and the move to Washington.

AC:  Yes, Caitlyn and I got married right before I started my new position. It has been an adjustment for both of us. Politics however, isn't much different than running a business. Caitlyn has gotten involved in several projects and is enjoying it immensely.

JS:  I read in your media kit that the disabled are a major interest to both of you, partially because you became physically disabled as an adult. Care to elaborate?

AC: Yes, both Caitlyn and I are interested not only in disabled veterans, but any disabled person. We have focused so much on the wounded warriors, we sometimes forget there are everyday people who suffer from similar things. Perhaps they weren't wounded in combat, but something did happen to them to put them in the same position as a veteran.
As far as what happened to myself, it is not as important as all the other less fortunate people. What happened to me was a freak accident. It made me even more determined to do what it was I've accomplished with my life.

JS:  I'd love to have you and Caitlyn on to discuss this in more detail. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule.

AC: We'd love to. And as much as I would love to sit and chat some more, I do have a full schedule today. Thank you for having me. *stands up and shakes my hand, turning to his associate to discuss where his next meeting is*

JS:  So there we have Apolo Choice. Billionaire and now senator. Be watching for our next interview with hopefully the senator's wife as well will join us.

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