Friday, May 2, 2014

Ah- Spring Is In The Air!!

It's May and that means Spring is in the air! So I leave you with another excerpt - this time smokin' excerpt from my latest release, Tartan Deadlines. . .

"You didn't tell me you were a MacLeod," he said, grinning. She could tell by his look he was pleasantly pleased.
"You didn't ask. MacLeod was my maiden name. I've actually thought about taking it back."
"Well you look beautiful Rae, and you should…take MacLeod back as your surname. It fits you far better than Spencer."
"Thank you. You look verra handsome yourself laddie in your kilt," she replied.
He did. He was in his full formal attire, kilt, sporran Prince Charles jacket and all. Even down to the shoes. Yes, Rory MacGregor was verra, verra much a Scot…and obviously very proud of it.
"Thank you very much, ma'am. Now if you're ready…"
He offered Rae his arm and led her to the door. He did this for the remainder of the evening…keeping her close.
The party was over the top. Rae had never in her life been to something like it. Sure she had been to plenty of regal galas with Duncan, but this was entirely different. The Scots loved their Hogmanay celebrations.
They danced and Rory made sure to introduce Rae to all sorts of people. She knew she would never remember names come tomorrow. What surprised her the most was that he never left her side. She could tell there were some younger lasses who were dying for his attention, a dance, but he stayed with Rae and proved to be a very attentive date.
It was during a slow dance towards the end, one of many they'd shared that Rae began to sense a change in him. Once they were relaxed and into the dance, he pulled her closer with the arm he had on her waist. That and he lowered his head so his cheek was touching hers. Rae felt the electric current rushing through her…and him.
He pulled her even closer, flattening her breasts out against his chest. "My God, Rae…" He nuzzled the side of her neck and prickles of heat rippled over her skin. One of his thighs moved intimately between her legs and she could feel his growing arousal through the fabric of her dress and his kilt. He was hard as granite by the time the music ended and she heard him softly curse.
"I don't know about you Rae, but I've had a wonderful time this evening. If you're ready how about we sneak out and head back to the suite for the fireworks?"
"That sounds like a wonderful idea." Rae hesitated a second before she continued. "I've had a wonderful time too. Thank you."
"You're welcome. The night's not over you know."
Okay…then she blurted it out. Rather whispered in his ear, but with no forethought. "You wouldn't be flirting with me now would you Mr. MacGregor?"
Rae heard a deep laugh that only she could hear. She felt his arm tighten on her waist.

"Aye and I've only just started," he whispered as he began to lead her off the dance floor.

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  1. Ray and Rory, *sigh*. I love this couple and their journey. Thanks Jamie :D