Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Bold New Excerpt From Tartan Deadlines

"Aren't you going to take that?" Rory inquired as he navigated his way back into Edinburgh, his dark brown eyes fixed on the road ahead.
"You don't mind? It's Shawn. It's…"
"Go ahead. I don't mind."
She pushed the button to take the call. Her hands were sweating. Rae didn't know if it was from the heat in the car or the idea of another verbal confrontation with her son.
"Hello Shawn. Is everything okay? It's so unlike you to call at this time of day. I am at work you know. The time difference and all…"
"Yes mother I know you're at work. That's precisely why I'm calling you. So you can't scream and go off on one of your tangents."
"Only with good cause Shawn. What is it that couldn't wait until tonight?"
"I wanted to tell you myself before you heard it through the grape vine."
Now I was really curious. What had Duncan done now?
"I'm going to Singapore to spend the holidays with dad…"
"Yes I already know that Shawn. You were quite clear about your plans."
There was a sense of hesitation. Rae thought she heard him suck in a deep breath.
"Cory is going with me mother."
"Is that it? You're taking a friend along?"
"There's more mother. Cory and I are lovers. We have been for five years. I'm gay mother. Have known I was for years. So I guess you could say I'm using this phone call to come out of the closet to you."
Rae shook her head as though trying to make the jumbled words make sense. No they were real, too real in fact. She never saw this coming. Not in a thousand years.
"Mother? Are you still there?"
"Yes I'm here Shawn."
"And what Shawn? You had to tell me this in a phone call? What, no in person reveal? So rather than give you the satisfaction of an answer I'm hanging up. We'll talk about this if and when you decide to visit me, which by the way would have been the manly thing to do instead of taking the chickens way out and delivering such news over the phone."
She hit the end button. She wouldn't answer if he called back. She'd simply let it go to voice mail. Rae didn't want the chance of Shawn calling back and trying to plead for understanding. No, he had to know she didn't approve of him using the same tactics as his father had in their own affairs.

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