Monday, January 19, 2015

Interview With Susan Pickett-White...Apolo Choice's Mother-In-Law

Today, I've got Susan Pickett-White in the hot seat. She is Caitlyn Choice's daughter, and Senator Apolo Choice's mother-in-law.

JS: Welcome Susan. I was excited when I received your email agreeing to be interviewed.

SW:  You're quite welcome.

JS:  Please tell us a little about yourself, Susan...

SW: You already know, my daughter is Caitlyn White-Choice. She is married to Senator Apolo Choice. Myself? I was born and raised in Dublin. That's where I met Caitlyn's father, Frank. We moved to the United States when he was offered a job in the software industry. When his job ended, he left and returned to Dublin, I didn't. *sniffs* We're in the middle of divorce proceedings as we speak.

JS: I understand you now live in Washington as well?

SW: Yes. I moved there to be closer to my daughter. She's married to a powerful man, and she's all alone in this town. I needed to be close in case she ever needs me.

JS: Speaking of your son-in-law, Senator Choice, how do you think he'll fair in Washington?

SW: Apolo Choice may be a very rich man, but just like every other powerful man he has secrets. Secrets I'm afraid my dear Caitlyn was completely unaware of before she married him.

JS: Really?

SW: Of course! I'm afraid though my son-in-law is not suited for a life in politics and I know for a fact that he'll be scurrying back to Georgia, tail between his legs by the end of his term.

JS: What about re-election? It's a known fact that he's going to seek re-election.

SW: If and it's a big 'if' he were to be appointed by his party, or even get through a primary, he'll never win re-election. He has too many secrets and has too many enemies in this town. No Apolo Choice is not cut out for political life, no matter what his ego may tell him.

JS: That's a pretty bold statement to make, Susan.

SW: I don't believe in beating around the bush. Especially where my daughter's happiness and welfare are concerned.

JS: And you, have a new love in your life?

SW: A lady never tells her secrets. Lord knows I've tried to tell Apolo that more than once.

JS: What about the mess surrounding your son, and Caitlyn's brother, Tom?

SW: Tom has done nothing wrong. The entire thing is a fabrication of Apolo Choice and his people.

JS: Really? Why would he do that?

SW: To make himself appear more important than he really is. And also keep the focus off  how ill-equipped he is for his new job.

JS: Senator Choice hardly seems like the type of man who would have to stoop to such tactics.

SW: You don't know him the way I do. Control-freak, that's what he is. As far as Tom goes, I'm a mother. I know my children. Better than they know themselves, so a mother must protect her cubs.

JS: Do you plan to help your daughter out with her new endeavors in Washington? The charity for disabled people, and the equine therapy program she is starting?

SW: I will do whatever I can for Caitlyn. All she has to do is ask. I think it is marvelous what she is doing. In spite of all the turmoil surrounding her husband.

JS: Were you shocked to learn he has a disability?

SW: Shocked? No, though his version of what happened is nothing but a fairy tale others planted in his head. One he's now telling. It's a lie, and not the actual way it happened.

JS: How do you know?

SW: If you're referring how Apolo claims his brother Anthony is responsible, that is a lie.

JS: The facts seem to back Senator Choice, Susan.

SW: Do they really? Anthony was never arrested for anything. Everything was kept hush-hush, swept under the table. Apolo knows what really happened that night, so does Anthony. And so does their father. You're a journalist, if you want the truth, you might start there.

JS: That's a pretty bold statement to be making Susan. But let's move on...anything you can tell us? Are Apolo and Caitlyn planning on having children soon?

SW: Caitlyn suffered a miscarriage a while back. I'm sure when the doctor gives her the green light, they'll be trying again. *pauses to pat her eyes with her fingertip* I really wish they'd wait. I hate the idea of Caitlyn having to raise a child by herself.

JS: I hadn't heard about the miscarriage. That's awful. Why would you think she'd be having to raise a child by herself.

SW: Well my dear, must I spell it out? If Apolo's enemies don't see to his demise in Washington, his philandering ways with the ladies will certainly end that marriage. He already has one mistress living in Washington. No telling how many more there are. But Caitlyn knows I'm just a phone call away.

JS: Wow! Unfortunately Susan, we're out of time. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. I'd love to have you back soon though.

SW: Thank you, and I'd love to come back. Perhaps next time, Caitlyn could come with me and we could talk more in depth about Caitlyn's charities.

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