Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I don't have a lot of personal photos scanned onto my computer, and I should do that. I do have this oldie. . .
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, in a suburb of Seattle (Bellevue). My parents had some good friends, the Robertsons. Their daughter Betsy and I stay in contact to this day. The way our parents met is unique: both our mothers were in the hospital at the same time giving birth. My mother (Shirley) giving birth to my brother Fred, and Betsy's mother (also Shirley) giving birth to her.

The picture below I believe was taken at Betsy's parent's home - late 50s (my youngest brother was either not born yet or was an infant and inside the house).

Left to right: Me, my sister Marjorie (aka Mardi), Betsy and my brother Fred. Yes, my mother was a fanatic about hair - she braided both my hair and my sister Mardi's every morning (though Mardi did get some short hair cuts because she was such a tomboy)

What are your early childhood memories (by the way I have no memory of this day)???

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  1. That's such a cute picture! :)

    I think the earliest memories I have are of hanging out with my five cousins. They were all a lot older than me, so that was...interesting.