Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Casual Interview With Daniel Kennedy

A casual interview with Daniel Kennedy from my upcoming new release Encore! 

Violinist Daniel Kennedy is a young charismatic star on the classical music scene. Due to his casual dress and individualistic interpretations he is often referred to as a classical rock star.

How would you describe your personality?
DK:  Pretty honest, always straight forward, and sometimes a little chaotic.

What is a big temptation for you?
DK:  *laughs* Oh, there are really too many to mention in the time of two minutes!

What is your life philosophy?
DK:  Always be honest and - never give up!

What is your dream?
DK: I am pretty much living the biggest dream I've ever had rightnow. I'm sure there will be more, other dreams. Otherwise life becomes boring. 

What drives you bananas?
DK:  *laughs* My manager, John!

Describe your perfect day. . .
DK:  Lying in bed, watching DVDs, not having to practice, which is good once in a while. Just hanging out with Mary. . .

to be continued. . .

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