Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nominated for a 2014 RONE Award - Erotica!

Life and Lies. . .
The adventure continues…
The world is his oyster and Max Frazier knows that each and every pearl is his for the taking. At the top, a theater bearing his name in Las Vegas, performances sold out months in advance and record sales through the roof. Things couldn't get any better, could they?
Ashleigh Thomas, the fiery, no nonsense businesswoman who orchestrated this success, the only woman he's truly ever wanted is his bed and life. But first he and Ashleigh have a mission to do, one he never wanted her involved in. 
Alive and quite well, Ashleigh's thought to be dead husband Richard lurks in the background, teasing and taunting. He deals in the underbelly of life - the sex trade business. Max and Ashleigh infiltrate his world of sex clubs and more with one objective in mind…to put an end to Richard's evilness and bring him to justice.
In doing so Ashleigh and Max discover a bond which expands and deepens as Max introduces and schools Ashleigh in the BDSM lifestyle. Will she allow him to lead her into temptation, and ultimately submit to Max? Or is her stubbornness and independent nature too much for even Max to contain?
Life has a funny way of dealing the cards. One day you're in bliss with the woman and family you love and longed for, the next it almost disappears. Forever, in the blink of an eye. . .but for the sheer determination of one agent who secretly blames himself for pushing the couple too deep calls in every favor owed him.

"In “Life and Lies”, Ms. Salisbury has written a fun, loving, adventurous book, with two very strong and charismatic characters! Readers will enjoy how well Ashleigh and Max flow together. " - InD'Tale Magazine, November 2013

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